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AMG IDS - a breakthrough distributed
computing technology & a Data Intelligence Platform
that can accommodate any CCTV analytic

Developed using the latest technologies and algorithmic methods, it is designed for scalability. Extensive R&D is at the foundation of our success which is a core principle underpinning the entire AMG IDS build process. This has provided us with a unique understanding of systemic issues across the industry and domain around security intelligence and analysis.

Our primary module utilises a unique opportunistic face detection system to monitor large high resolution camera networks, and extracts key signatures and metadata to be post processed and databased at a central location.

By opportunistically analysing a scene, the inbuilt algorithms pick out and track faces throughout the field of view. The system makes use of the latest in web and cloud computing technologies to provide a powerful processing capability with minimal network utilisation and additional infrastructure. Hundreds of cameras can be evaluated in a highly efficient fashion.

The IDS platform can provide facial, torso, full body, logo or specified images of people or objects moving through or present in a scene, together with other information such as the time, camera name and image position. These are databased centrally, providing the means to accumulate key data over long periods of time and across large camera networks. for optimal use of this data; the IDS software provides a reporting tool to extract various useful summarisation reports, for example, all faces over a time period for a select set of cameras, or the presence of a particular identity or unknown individual in any camera view over a time period or location.

The IDS user interface provides a live summary of facebased detection events and facial recognitions that have taken place. Recognising the fact that facial images from typical surveillance cameras setups are not ideal, the IDS has a unique feature that provides users with a list of most probable candidate matches in the database, resulting in much higher success rates, while maintaining a very summarised display of information for surveillance operators. In this way, the IDS system extends the application of CCTV recognition to applications that have been severly lacking this capability.

A real-time alert system has been built into the platform allowing the user to leverage existing alerts available such as unknown face detected in a specific location or customise any alerts of choice. Alerts are sent immediately via email or text to the user allowing immediate response and tracking capabilities. With today's technology alerts can also be delivered directly to a users smart watch.

Licence Plate Recognition correlated with Facial Recognition and Unusual Behaviour Detection can allow for much higher accuracy rates when identity screening. AMG IDS can provide all this in the one system. Future additional modules that can be incorporated into the AMG IDS platform will include Biometrics, Log data (such as ID Pass numbers), Heart Rate monitoring, Retina. All these different Identity variables can be layered and cross correlated using the AMG IDS platform ensuring candidate authentication to the highest levels.


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