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Protecting & monitoring of a large vault complex.

The Client is a large Vault complex seeking to implement an Identity Screening process for real-time security monitoring and access control; An all in one; plug and play system was required that could increase access control and security levels without replacing existing infrastructure.

An analysis and assessment of existing capabilities and infrastructure was performed to identify keys areas and camera networks holding most relevant metadata for databasing.

AMG IDS system was installed, configured and customised for insight generation accompanied by a quick user training workshop to ensure minimal change management.

The result is that the organisation can now create candidate profiles for everyone onsite, track movements, changes in behaviour. Increase authentication of staff and customers, correlate facial recognition with licence plate recognition, finger print recognition and ID pass data, all in one platform, for a new multi level access control process.

The added security layer for access control enable a more automated process reducing human capital management costs.

As an added benefit; promotion of the implemented platforms capabilities serves for client attraction and deterring persons seeking to breach security regualtions.

Future benefits will include extensive data for Customer Intelligence, Marketing, Campaign Mangement and the ability to generate Predictive Insights.


CEO - Next-generation technology delivering a more secure environment & reduced risk business
CFO - Reduced OPEX associated with human capital & infrastructure
CSO - Optimised & proactive security processes for workforce monitoring & access control
CUSTOMER - A more secure environment with a more personal customer experience
STAFF - Reduces staff workload & provides specific training for workforce skills optimisation


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