facial recognition

Digital image or video based recognition for single
face or group targets.

Security agents face significant challenges in knowing who a person is (staff, visitor, criminal, contractor), when and where they are onsite,  and how this affects their security & risk management. With large distributed workforces, disjointed data and limited identity screening tools; organisations are not in a strong position to handle rapidly changing information and events. In the current global environment which we live, lack of real-time information presents a problem to the security of organisations.

Facial Recognition can be used in correlation with other Identity modules such as ID Pass, fingerprint and even behaviour for more accurate authentification across:

- Access Control
- Security Monitoring (alert & tracking real-time)
- Online Identification
- ATM Identification
- Vehicle Identification correlation

These are just a few ways business optimisation can be achieved reducing costs and reponse / re-active capabilities to a more pro-active and risk free security management process.

Once facial-data is received at a central location using the AMG IDS platform, additional processing steps are performed for facial recognition, and several tools are provided for users to continuously update and improve facial analysis for target identities within particular regions.

Face management tools provide the ability to create, update and modify faces and person attributes.

A powerful incremental face database construction feature allows a user to add new faces to the existing face database, and to update people currently in the database. This allows the system to be continuously improved, and copes with practical issues such as adding new target faces, adapting target faces as their appearance changes over time, and maintaining accuracy by ensuring good quality reference data.

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behaviour recognition

Video content analysis
for behaviour recognition

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