image recognition

Identifying, detecting & monitoring a person, object
or feature in a digital image or video.

Our primary module utilises a unique opportunistic image detection system to monitor large high resolution camera networks, and extracts key signatures and data to a central location for processing and storing.

By opportunistically analysing a scene, the inbuilt algorithms pick out and track relevant images throughout the field of view. The system makes use of the latest in web and cloud computing technologies to provide a powerful processing capability with minimal network utilisation and additional infrastructure. Large multi megapixel video streams are processed,translated and databased allowing hundreds of cameras to be evaluated in a highly efficient fashion.

Logged data includes facial, torso, full body, logo or any specified image of people, objects or behaviour through the scene, together with other information such as the time, camera name and image position. These are databased centrally, providing the means to accumulate key data over long periods of time and across large camera networks.

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facial recognition

Individual & group
facial recognition

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