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AMG IDS is the next generation platform for
Multi Variable Identity Screening Systems

The AMG IDentity Screener (IDS) is a breakthrough distributed computing technology.
Our Data Intelligence Platform can accommodate any CCTV analytic or dataset.


New Facial
System that
allows the adding
of a face on the fly
in real time.


Reporting and
Querying for
Security & Risk
Analysis .


Multi variable
Identity Screening
for cross correlation
of CCTV analytics,
Biometrics, Access
Control, Security

AMG IDS is the product of years of extensive analysis, consulting, market intelligence and innovation.

The AMG IDS suite has evolved from the insights gathered over years of experience in the data analysis and security domain. It is now one of the world’s most advanced platforms for intelligent Identity Screening.

Who are
Acu-Men Global?

Acu-Men Global is formed of an experienced Advisory Board and Directors along with a highly capable research, development & execution team.

Experience that matters.

We are a multidisciplinary team of people head quartered in Australia and South Africa. Core capability includes in excess of 75 years management consulting experience, well over 60 years of combined technology and design experience across deep mathematics, computer science, statistics & pattern recognition.

“Identity Screening can do far more than is generally understood in the CCTV world and in very challenging situations. It can be used with fixed, vehicle-mounted, hand-held and body-worn cameras. And used for fast, accurate identification in real-time, or for rapid forensic analysis after an event. The Acu-Men Global Identity Screening Platform (IDS) provides the ability to accommodate, match and score any form of dataset; in turn creating a digital signature for the identification and tracking of security threats, risks, and workforce management.”

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